Nearby Now

Nearby Now

The Nearby Now review system is easy to implement and has multiple benefits when your field personnel use it regularly invite your customers to provide feedback.

On average, 50% of customers asked to leave a review using the Nearby Now system do so. As a result, contractors using Nearby Now not only generate typically positive reviews every day, but the reviews automatically become pages focused on key cities in your website. This is impressive to prospective customers.

Even if a customer chooses not to leave a review, technicians 'check-in' through the system on every job, briefly describing the work they are doing and uploading an image of the equipment being serviced.

The reviews and check-ins result in exactly the kind of content that search engines value most - content that's fresh, keyword-rich and user-driven. And, better yet, the content registers geographically to the city from which it is provided. That's what makes the SEO impact of this review system so incredibly powerful. It actually improves your online visibility in cities across your entire service area, helping you compete on the home turf of your competitors.

Online-Access provides complete support and coaching for Nearby Now, handling any issues and teaching your techs how to make the system hum. You also get regular reports showing how Nearby Now is affecting your page ranking with search engines.

Watch a video overview showing the Power of Nearby Now.

The lower portion of the page at the right shows how it looks when Nearby Now's heat map, reviews and check-ins are pulled onto your company landing page at the website. This content can also be pulled directly into your website. The image at right represents an actual dealer landing page including Nearby Now Reviews at the bottom.
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